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New Team Shirts for 2016




January 2016

New shirts in progress.  I would like to thank Tyler Clark of Wicked Graphixx for the awesome

design and artwork.

December 2015

New engine program. Sold the Sonny's 864 and upgraded to a 903 Cubic inch fuel injected with 4 kits.

3000 HP




October 2015


New Items in the for sale section.





April 2015

Urlacher Motorsports welcomes the WDRL.

We are happy to have become a part of the newly formed WDRL in western Canada.

see below.

WDRL   Western Drag Racing League.


The WDRL was formed in 2015 to organize the fastest Door Car Drag Racing in Western Canada into a positive, fun organization.

The WDRL features Pro Modified and Top Sportsman 1/4 mile drag racing as well as the WDRL Heads Up series, including

Extreme Street, Outlaw 8.5 for the best in heads up 1/8 mile drag racing, and Howards Cams Open Comp for fast and

fun 1/4 mile handicap racing. The WDRL works closely with Track Operators, Racing Teams, Marketing Partners and the

Fans, for a great racing experience at each Track the organization has an event. The Goal of the WDRL is to provide

a great experience for the Fast Door Car drag racing teams, Sponsor Partners and Fans along with helping the

race tracks provide an awesome fan experience.

The WDRL provides its member racers more than $100,000.00 in contingency packages, distributed throughout the season

and at the Season Championship banquet.

WDRL is looking for Marketing Partners that are wanting to team up and provide a great experience for our fans.

Please contact us for a Marketing Partner opportunity package.   marketing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


See the WDRL at www.wdrl.ca



New galleries posted

Crash repairs - Click here to see this gallery

Pick up car at Jerry Bickel's - Click here to see this gallery



Arrived at the track in Vegas












Parked for the night

Parked for the night on our way to Vegas














Vegas Bound

We are off to test in Vegas with our friends Ross and Cory Hogenson.

Just getting things loaded up and off we go.










May 11 - At home from our test session

I pulled the engine then the converter,   was on the phone to Marty Chance and had a plan to fix the converter.

Was able to fix it, re install the engine and pre-test on the jack stands at home and all was good so we can continue our plan to head to vegas in a couple days.



May 10 - Testing at Castrol

After a long winter and many major changes to the car it was time to get the bugs out as we are planning our trip to test in Las Vegas.

It was a very cold and windy day at Castrol and we held off even unloading the car as temps were down around zero to plus 4.


We decided to take the car out as we needed to test all the systems and make sure we were good to go.   Found a problem with the converter and that shut us down for the weekend.

Come visit us on display.

April 20 - 13 we will have the car on display supporting Castrol Raceway our home track.

The Edmonton Motor Show is one of Edmonton’s Premiere car shows with all the major manufacturers on display.

It also hosts a number of commercial exhibits such as Castrol Raceways .

Come on by and say hi to the staff of Castrol Raceway and have a look at our ride



New Sponsor for 2014

We would like to welcome the Spruce Grove Peavey Mart for coming on board this year.  They opened their newest store in Spruce Grove Alberta and celebrated their grand opening in March 2014.

Big Congrats goes out for their grand opening.


Check them out.



161 Century Crossing, Spruce Grove AB T7K 0M9


Track news

Our home track Castrol Raceway is getting some new concrete.   We are hearing that they are replacing the track from the 1/8 mile to the finish line with some new concrete.

This is very exciting for all us racers as that track is one of the best in the west and is only getting better.  Also, they are increasing the size of the pits to accommodate some more racers.

We look forward to testing there late May to help break in the new concrete.

Watch for the dates at Castrol this year.  

Come out and say hi.



Small, Medium and large

I like this picture.   The small engine is 712 Cubic inches.  The medium is 787 cubic inches and the large is 864 cubic inches.

The main thing is the bore space.  The 712 and 787 are 5" bore space and the 864 is 5.300.  That makes a very big differance to overall size of this engine.

Its a monster..












2013 - Done.  On to 2014

2013 has come and gone and it was not the year for progress for us.
Started off with some bad weather testing in Edmonton and our first event was an NHRA event in Spokane and the first day was a rain out. The reminder of the time for that event was cold and the track conditions were not good for us.

We had to take the month of June off as there were some safety equipment that needed recertifying and that took up that month. It was something that got missed over the winter. We ended up struggling with the car the whole season and it was frustrating to say the least. I decided to step up the program a lot for 2014 as I feel I will give this one more shot at getting to the desired ET that it should be at. I sold off the spare engine and have recently took a deposit on our main engine. I purchased a Sonny’s 5.300 bore space 864ci engine for the 2014 season and there are a ton of things that need to change on the car to make it work.

Here are some outlines of those changes:

Front engine mount tubing needs relocating

Top chassis tubes going back to fire wall need to be replaced

Rad needs to move forward so smaller rad is needed to do that.

New fuel system

Add nitrous fuel bypass system

New headers

New remote water pump

Cut hood and raise up cowl for engine clearance

Modify hood scoop

Add block saver plate to mid plate

Change converter

Change Bell housing

Larger drive shaft and yokes

Enlarge drive shaft tunnel for new larger yokes

Complete rewire for new ignition system

And a ton of little things.





Kudo's for the help


Just a ton of work has gone into the car in preparation for the 2014 race season.   I need to say thanks to Ken and Nathan Sitko for their help in some custom machining and some trick welding needed to make the changes we have done.

Also Ross Hogenson has been a major supporter of these changes and without Ross and Cory helping out this year I do not think these changes would have happened this quick this year.

Shane and Jim and the staff at Baker Boyz design also stepped up and did a great job on the hood modifications needed to fit this big engine.

Vicki Urlacher has also put some hard work into the car not to mention the 100% support she gives me.

Thanks everyone for the help, now let's go fast and win some races.



Aug 10 - Fun for a day

We had the pleasure of bringing the car to the Stollery Children’s Hospital for a day.

A few of us racers spent the day at the hospital showing our cars to the kids there.
It was a real treat to see them sit in the cars. We also went around visiting the kids
who were not able to make it down stairs.

Meeting them, talking about racing was a great deal of fun for us as well as the kids.
They say the kids will be talking about it for some time.

Always nice to help someone have a little better day.

New 2013 gallery

Here are some misc pictures of the engine rebuild for April 2013.



OK,  It seems the winter is never going to go away but it is time to get the car going.

We did a complete engine rebuild.  Discovered the cam was shot, 6 out of 8 pistons were cracked in multible places. One more run would have been a disaster.


New cam arrived, chassis inspection done.  Time to put it all back.

Feb - March 2013

Nothing to report.  Car is parked and I am working on house renovations.  I have to say that working on the car is a lot more fun.


January 2013

The new year is here and we have been thinking about our plan for this year.  The last two years have been full of exhibition events and racing with very little testing.  We have never been able to leave the starting line with the big nitrous system on without blowing the rear tires right off and aborting the runs.  This year we have decided not to do exhibition passes until we get the car figured out so it can run up to it's potencial.  We are going to commit to testing as much as possible to get the car sorted and able to go A to B consistantly as it can do now except we want about 3 10ths of a second off the ET.


There are some changes to the chassis set up that I want to do so that is the first order of business.   Other than that change, I have some other changes on the list but can't do them until this first change has been fully tested.  As for the motor and rest of the drive train,  just plan on rebuilding, documenting and getting the compression ratio back to what it should be.


We will keep you posted on progress.  You will find us at Castrol Raceway (Edmonton) a lot this year getting this all sorted out.


Thanks for your support in the past and lets move on to a much quicker 2013.


Cool Video from Billings

Click Here

Time to gear up for 2013

Medicine hat has come and gone and not much to report there.  It was the last WCPMA race for the year and Wayne Hofer took the win, we were out in the semi finals and never was able to make a full pass under power.

Have some changes planned for the car this winter. We shall see how it goes in 2013.  Might be time for a differant power plant and maybe paint might be in order we shall see what the budget allows us to do in 2013.

It is sad to know that the rig and car are parked for the next 6 months.  Sad indeed.


See you in 2013.




New pictures from the 2012 Super Chevy  Show


First Ever Rocky Mountain Shootout.


Click on the picture for the gallery.












We got a big break and took advantage of it.

What a race it was.  Full 16 car field, weather was all over the place. We did some experimenting in qualifying and that was a mistake.  We were unable to get down the track on the first two shots then it started to spit rain a little.

We were on a rain delay wondering if they were going to cancel the 3rd round of qualifying.  We would be in big trouble if that happened.  We got a little brake in the weather and they called us up for the 3rd and final qualifying pass.  This was it, our only shot at getting into the show so we put in our "back pocket" tune up and ran a 6.41 that put us int he 5th spot.


We learned to use our "back pocket" tune up for first round qualifying and get in the show then play around to go fast if needed.  At least we are in the show at that point.  Thanks Keith for that advise.


First round eliminations are up and we are up against a car that runs a bit slower so all we need to do is get down the track and we will move on to the next round.  Ha Ha,  At least that is what I thought.

We left out "back pocket" tune up in the car and did not touch a thing.  Always got us down the Edmonton track in the past.  Did the burn out, backed up, prepped the nitrous and put the car in forward to move up to the staging beams.  The lever did not feel right so I moved it forward as much as I could and although I did not have a good feeling about it, the car rolled forward and I staged the car.  I launched the car and it went about 10ft and I thought I broke the rearend as the RPM took off and the car stopped.  I shut it all down and looked and seen that the lever had moved back into the neutral position.  As I watched the other car make one of his fastest passes ever I was bummed out that I lost from not following my gut feeling and that ended up costing me the race.


Little did I know, the other car had red-lite and I was still in the race.  We towed back to the pit and I told Jim that we needed to pack up fast so we could watch some racing, At that point a fellow racer informed me that I was still in so we prepped the car for the next round. (What a stroke of luck).


Our "back pocket" tune up got us all the way to the final against Wayne Hofer who had been running within a couple 100ths of our time the whole day. We new it would be a close race and it was.  He was at my side door the whole time.  We got the win and the rest is history.

Congrats team on a great weekend.





Rocky Mountain Shootout

The first ever Rocky Mountain Shoot out will take place at Castrol Raceway this weekend during the Super Chevy / Fun Ford Weekend.  We are competing in a 16 car Outlaw promod field for some real prize money.  We are legal weight so we will have our hands full keeping up with some of these guys.

This is our last race in Edmonton for 2012.  Finals for the West Coast Promod Association are coming up mid month in Medicine Hat Alberta.  We are #2 in points so we stand a chance at the big one.






Saskatoon was a rain out.

Saskatoon is next

Two years ago we went to do some exhibition passes in Saskatoon to see what it was all about and to promote the class.  The track was not ready for the higher powered suspended cars and we got out of shape real bad. We broke the wishbone on our car and one more pass would have put us into the wall.  We thought that unless some changes were made at the track that is was not the track for us.

My oldest daughter was 12 years old then and she saw the sign that said you must be 14 years old to go to the starting line.  Now she is 14 and wants to go to the starting line with her dad.  They have also done a bunch of work to the track so we are going back to check it out.

This one is for my girl.




Great day for a car show

The weather was hot and sunny.  There streets were blocked off for the 25th anniversary of Pro Stock Performance show and shine.  There was a lot of cars and quite a few people walking around.  The BBQ was going ALL day and games, DJ were also on hand. We were showing the car to support Prostock as they help us with our engine machine work.

There were prizes for classes and special awards but we did not register for that as we felt we were there to support Pro Stock not to take away anything from them.  Turns out the awards were people's choice type and we got voted 1st place for best paint.

We need to do a shout out to Jim and Shane Baker from Baker Boyz Design out of Edmonton as it is really their hard work along with their staff that got us the award.  They do nothing but great paint work and we have several paint awards to prove it from various cars.


Thanks to Prostock for a great day!






Off to Pro Stock today

Have the car on display at Pro Stock Performance as they have their 25th anniversary show and shine happening.  Come on down and say hi.










Hot August Night - Castrol Raceway

Wed Aug 8th, Rain out!  Changed to Thursday Aug 9th. This event ended up being a ton of work.









What a great time in Billings

We won this event. The people were great the weather was hot and the track was hotter. WOW. We went to the final with Ross Hogenson and we got the win. This puts us second place in the 2012 WCPMA points standings. One more WCPMA race to crown the champion. Cross out fingers.Would love to go back to Billings in 2013.







Prep for Billings is almost complete

We are off to Billings for a race with the West Coast Promod Association media coverage has been quite good for this event.  We might even do an exhibition pass for the media on Friday night during their street legal.

Looking forward to checking out this track and having some fun.

Leaving tomorrow.










The Rocky Mountain Nationals are over and what fun it was.

The Nationals were a lot of fun. Thanks to Castrol Raceway for having us out to make some exhibition passes. The weather was Hot and the stands were packed.

Looking forward to next year.









Get ready to rumble.

2012 Nitrojam at castrol Raceway is very close.

Nitrous vs Blower, Chev vs Ford. The battle is on.

We are doing some match racing at this years Nitro Jam in Edmonton

Looking forward to a fun filled weekend of Nitro and doing some

side by side action with our fellow local racer and his blown Ford Mustang.

Come on down and support your favorite.


See you there July 6 - 9/2012



Loaded for Woodburn

The nitrous bottles are full, the fuel jugs are filled we are heading to Oregon.

Today we make the 1200 mile 1900Km trip to Woodburn Oregon.

The track is great and the people are super.

Need the weather to change as the weather people say rain the whole trip.



More testing May 12th

Back at it. The weather was great. Had some fuel issues that
cost us some pistons and rings. Had to rebuild at the track but we
got it done and made a good test lap after that. Then we loaded up
as we are ready for the first race in Woodburn Oregon.

May 5th Testing Came and Went

It was an interesting weekend. Weather was not great but OK. We

had some rain delays. Saturday we worked on the car all day and

made a couple passes on Sunday. Things were OK but we need

to do more testing. Here is a shot of the Rig in the rain.


Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel




Special Thanks to Prostock

We would like to thank the great people of Prostock Performance

for stepping up and helping us out this year.  Your attention to detail

has made such a difference. Thanks






Testing in two weeks

We are planning on testing May 5th weekend at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton.
This is weather permitting of course but our hopes are up for a good weekend.
Tomorrow (Saturday) we are going to put the motor back in the car and
fire it up. Also planning on getting the car in the new trailer to see if the tie downs
are going to work.
Wish us luck.

Double Trouble - April 2012

Both these bad boys are ready for the 2012
race season.
Made quite a few changes to the main motor. It will do one of
three things:
1 - Go real fast
2 - Be a handful to get down the track
(Like promod cars are not a lot to handle anyways LOL)
3 - Blow up.

Almost Ready - Mar 2012

The engine is all freash, Lots of head work done this year.
The intake needs some work. The trailer is ready to go.
Pro Awning is installed, every thing is set up and ready to go
can't wait. May 5th weekend is our first test weekend.

Remember to get your T Shirts

Special Thanks

I would like to thank all the people in the Medicine Hat Drag Racing Assocociation
for the very nice mounted picture award that was given to me.
I look forward to participating in the crew member for a day fund raiser again this year.

Update on stolen trailer

This guy has done it again. He now has stolen a 1969 Charger in the same manner
as stealing my trailer
Be on the look out for this guy.
Check out the new photos relating to this guy .


Wow 2012 is here.

Time to rebuild again.
Got the engine stripped down. Going to freshion the heads this year
as well as the normal rods, rings, bearings. Pistons need replacing
this year as well.

What’s new these days?

Dec - 2011
Preparations for the 2012 race season are underway.
The engine is out of the car awaiting parts as we are
freshening the motor and we discovered some compression
problems. After that we plan on booking some dyno time at Prostock
Performance in Edmonton to help us with some data for calculating
transmission gear ratios etc. No changes really to the car for 2012 other
than some gear changes and perhaps calculating some tune ups to run
4 stages of nitrous instead of 3 as we ran in the past.
A pro awning has been ordered for the new race trailer.
Should see that at the end of January sometime.
The new race trailer has been set up and is 90% complete and ready
for 2012.

Blast from the past

Posted some pictures of my original hot rod.
Car is in good hands in Nova Scotia.

Check them out here


Stolen Trailer Scam.

I had my 2003 32ft Haulmark Edge Stacker trailer stolen in a scam by some clever people.

The trailer was for sale and in came a buyer. He came and looked, asked the right questions, went away thinking about the deal. Called, came back to purchase it with a TD Bank Draft. I looked over the bank draft and it all checked out. His address added up to a person with his name etc so I let him take the trailer and gave him a bill of sale. I deposited it into my bank without question. It went off to the TD bank and a week later was marked as “Counterfit”. The address for this guy turned out to be bad and the phone was a pay as you go bought Cash.
He used the name of John Mills but I am sure that was not his name. He drove what seemed to be about a 1998 or so Dodge Dually I believe it was burgundy in color. This was a Caucasian man about 6 ft 2 or 6 ft 3. I would say in his late 40s or early 50s.
The trailer would stand out if you know stacker trailers or just plain trailers.
It had a man door on both sides as well as pit lights on both sides.
The “drivers side” had an RV awning at one point but was removed so the fastener holes and outlines are still there. It had a scrape on the “drivers side” rear as it must have brushed something hard on a turn some place in its lift time.
Trailer VIN #16HGB32393G053638
Pictures of the trailer can be found at this site:

New pictures

We would like to thank Paul Grant for some great pictures he took of us in Woodburn
this year. He is one of the best there is at his craft.
Check them out here

Time to get ready for snow.

Time to unload and get everything
ready for winter. The car, spares
etc are in the shop nice and warm.
The RV is winterized and put away
till spring. Sad.

Ok, Testing now Sept 24th Weekend

We decided to do one more test weekend. There are a number
of things we did not get to try this year so there is one more weekend
open for us to test at Edmonton's Castrol Raceway. Come on down and say hi.


The 2011 year is done

Early finish again this year. Poor year for racing.
Weather, budgets play a big part in our
sport and did not play us a good hand this year.
We get an early start on a new direction for 2012.

On Display - Cancelled because of rain.

We will be putting the car on display at JB Power
Center in West Edmonton Friday July 22
for an open house event from 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Come on down - 116 ave and 170 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

New Race Rig - July /Aug

Purchased this NRC /Freightliner motorhome
as well as this 32ft stacker trailer from Georgia.
Off to pick it up in the next week and a half. Going to
be a long drive home.

Medicine Hat Promod Feature

Friday was qualifiying and boy it was a windy day.
We cut it down to an 1/8th mile becouse of the winds.
Saturday was eliminations. Again we made it to the semi
final and lost out do to tire spin at 300ft.

What a weekend in Edmonton

Rain, Rain, Hail and more Rain. It was a tuff
weekend to make a call on a car set up to get
down the track. You check the track, tune the
car and it would rain. Go up to make a run and
blow the tires off. Come back, change for the
condition and go back up and it would rain again.
We made 2 bad qualifying attemtps then we got one right.
Ran a 6.37 at 216 mph to move up from #7 to #1 qualifier.
We won the first round eliminations and then decided we needed to
put a very conservative tune up in the car to ensure we did
not have to pedal the car as we have been doing. Our opponent
for the semi-finals had been running 6.6s so we thought we were in
good shape. This time Vern (our opponent) figured it out and ran a 6.2 to
our 6.5 so we lost out. It was a challenge for all of us due to the changes
in track and weather but we got it done and look forward to that event next year.
Pictures should be up later today.

NitroJam Edmonton around the corner

We have a plan for Edmonton that we think will gain us
a couple of 10ths. Getting ready for the largest event in Edmonton
and looking forward to racing at our home track.
Look for us racing with the West Coast Promods.

New pictures from Woodburn

We would like to thank the people from Grandstand Photos
from Albany Oregon for the pictures of us in Woodburn.
Check out the Woodburn pictures in the gallery section.

Woodburn was a blast.

Wow, Long hall but worth every mile of it. The people there
are great, the track was wonderful, the management was great
and the weather was just fine (up until the final).
We had our share of bugs but we got the bugs out and made some
runs. 6.408 was our best there but we had to soften up the car
just to get down the track. We lost out in the semi final do to a red light.
Ooops - I guess I should not do that. Thanks to all the fans and staff
in Woodburn for such a great weekend. Hope to go back next year.

Locked and Loaded for Woodburn

The car is all assembled, still some brake issues but I will deal with
those at the track. We are loaded and ready to head out tomorrow
for our first race of the year in Woodburn Oregon. We are meeting up with
some good friends who are also racing but they only become the competition
at the starting line only and the rivalry only last 6 seconds.
The race is the 36th Annual Rose Festival Drags set for June 11-12
featuring the West Coast Promods. Long drive but should be a lot of fun.
Wish us luck.

Time for a Fresh Start

We did some testing and were plagued with problems.
Started with some rev limiter issues causing some
bad things to happen when the nitrous came on.
We hurt some rings but no big deal. Then we had
a new expensive light weight oil line fail
(it was pressure tested and tagged) thankfully it
happened in the pits. The brake master cylinder decided
it had had enough and then I had no brakes.
Yikes, scary start to this new combination. Got back
home, replace the master cylinder and freshened up
the motor new rods, bearings, rings, went back to the
braided steel oil lines and we are hoping that our problems
are gone away. The ignition box is going back to MSD
for testing and our spare in installed.

Caught Testing May 2011

We would like to thank Darrell Sabrowsky for sending
us this great picture of us testing May 14th at
Castrol Raceway in Edmonton. Notice Colin in the
new Dads Gone Racing crew shirt.
If you have pictures, please email them to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





 63 Promod Vette

Contact: Gary Urlacher - email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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